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17k Plan with Resource-A-Day
How to get $17,000 on the web

It does not cost you ONE CENT!  As a matter of fact, you get paid $10.00 just for signing up.  With a small amount of effort, you will make $17,000 within a few weeks.  Just follow the simple steps below. Most people respond to this program because of the high profit potential. There is no limit to the income you can generate from this (you can do it over and over).

First, the vehicle for our venture is Listed below are three email addresses and sign-up URL's.

1. Sign up under the FIRST URL, and you will get $10.00 just for joining.  

2. Then send a confirmation email to the third person on the list--put in the subject line "I subscribed under #1".

3. After that, copy/paste the whole page in an e-mail to edit it : Delete the #1 person and move the number two  person up on the list.  Insert yourself at the the bottom in the #3 position.

Important note: Be sure to type your email and new URL correctly. If you are already a member of Resource-A-Day, no problem, each person is allowed two accounts.DO NOT TRY TO PLACE YOURSELF IN THE FIRST PLACE. IT WILL ONLY REACH THE PEOPLE YOU SEND IT TO, AND THEN YOUR NAME WILL BE REMOVED FROM THE LIST! If you do this the way it was designed, it will reach thousands by the time your name gets to the top.

4. Now, promote this letter, until you receive ten emails or more saying "I signed up under #1".

In a very short time, after the fourth level is done, you will be around $17,000 richer!

Estimated earnings table:

Your own sign up $10
First level is 27 times $0.40=$10.80
Second level is 729 times $0.20=$145.80
Third level is 19683 times $0.05=$984.15
Fourth level is 531441 times $0.03=$15,943.23

Here is the list of names :




Good Luck!

In addition to you copying this to your email and sending it out to your contacts, I'd be happy to duplicate this page with your information. Just send me your Resource-A-Day Referal link and your e-mail and I'll host it and give you your link that you can forward on.

Before your FREE site is setup, an email will be sent to the first person on the list to verify you have signed up under him.


Send E-Mail to:

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